Selling With Us

Without you we have no business, and being a specialty house in video games especially ones from the Golden Era of Arcades, our product is slowly fading away so we want to hook you up with buyers that will help preserve the past. Our standard seller terms are listed below along with links you may need to use such as registering with us and uploading images. We LOVE to have pictures of products so please send them to us once you have decided you will be selling with Old School Gamer. Thanks again and we will see you at the auction…. hopefully!


15% commission with a $50 buyback.  All games must be COMPLETE.  Discount or varied terms for companies bringing 20+ working games.  For the discounts, the items must be working video games/pinballs, no discount on redemption or other items. Non working product may be rejected before check-in.  Buyers premiums are kept by the auction company. Sellers will be sent home with pending settlement paperwork and will be mailed a check no later than three days after the auction if all purchased items are paid for.

Discount and Bonus Structure

CommissionBonuses at Con Select Events
1-3 Games15% CommissionCon pass per game
4-813% CommissionCon pass per game (up to 5)
9-1512% CommissionCon pass per game (up to 5)
16-2011% Commission5 Con passes plus hotel room for one night of event
21-2410% Commission10 Con passes plus hotel room for one night of event
25+10% Commission10 Con passes, Hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday of the event.
Other FeesListing fee if buyback occurs – $50


All products are placed online with pictures as provided and description as provided in advance. On products that are anticipated to sell for less than $500 we reserve the right to put in an automated silent auction if we are doing such at the event. All products will be re-photographed and have their descriptions revised based on our experience with the product. All products anticipated to sell for over $1000 will have a short video completed if the product is delivered on time with the event schedule as published. All games must be turned on and available for players for at least 4 hours before the auction with the exception of new in box games.

SELLER CONTACT – / 515-778-3030


Register as a buyer and then notify the above SELLER CONTACT.


Text to 515-778-3030 or